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Peck Casa della Mozzarella motto – “Eat Italian” – says it all… Why eat Italian?

Because Supermercato Peck offers only all genuine produce from Italy and Puglia Region in particular.

Domenico, in fact, is Pugliese Doc and after 30 years in making delicious mozzarella at the Caseificio Perina (his family cheese factory in Andria), decided to open a delicatessen shop here in Malta, in Naxxar. 

Only a person with the experience and the passion for genuine food like Domenico can actually sell not simply mozzarella but a poem.

Taste the buffalo mozzarella or the strattacciatella cheese, then we are sure that you will understand why his mozzarella is a poem!

Cheese, Cold cuts and other goodies

Luckily Domenico at Peck doesn’t sell only mozzarella but also a variety of delicious cheese imported from all over Italy and quality ham, mortadella, speak, salami and much more!

In fact, a part from the wide selection of aged cheese, what will surprise you is the fresh cheese counter:

  • Sheep milk Ricotta (ricotta di pecora)
  • Cow milk ricotta
  • Buffalo milk ricotta
  • Cow and buffalo milk Mozzarella
  • Burrata Cheese with truffle (burrata al tartufo)
  • Smoked burratina cheese (burratina affumicata al tartufo)
  • Stracciatella cheese (stracciatella)
  • Fresh sheep milk cheese with truffle  (percorino fresco al tartufo)
  • Bocconcini alla panna (small bites mozzarella…must try)
  • Girella di mozzarella
  • Treccina di mozzarella
  • Provola affumicata in acqua (smoked provola cheese in water)

When you enter in Peck Casa della Mozzarella you start a journey into the flavours and taste typical of the Italian cuisine, because in every table of the Italian families there is always a good platter of cold cut and cheese.

The shop is packed with high quality goodies: from unique flavoured pasta (like zaffron pasta), to Friselle and Taralli (Puglia salted biscuits to accompany with olives, ham and cheese), and many different pasta sauces, Extravergin Olive Oil, plus you can choose from a variety of pickles and also honey, jams and marmaladeswow!

Wine and Spirits

Domenico knows that a good platter of delicatessen has to be accompanied by a great glass of wine, that’s why to his clients offers gorgeous bottles of red, white and rose from his Puglia Region and from other regions of Italy.

Of course he has got also a variety of liquors, limoncello and after dinner…nothing really miss at Peck Casa della Mozzarella.

Sit Down, Eatitalian

Yes, the beauty of Peck Casa della Mozzarella is that you can sit down, relax and eat a wonderful panino or focaccia Barese with mortadella and forget the world around you!

Peck Casa della Mozzarella has launched a new trend in Malta:
Shop, Eat or Take Away

Whether you pop along for a quick break after work or you visit the shop with your friends for a platter to share, Domenico will always treat you with care and give you something to taste…after that you will never forget Peck Casa della Mozzarella! So good!!

Something sweet? Peck Café

If you have a sweet tooth Suermercato Peck has something special for you too.

Fresh Ricotta cakes like Cassata Siciliana, aragoste, fruit cakes, pasticcini… just pop along and enjoy a coffee with us!

If you are wondering if all these goodies can be bought online, yes is the answer and they are also delivered at your home.

To buy online, please click here:

Domenico also caters for parties and any of your great occasions!

For more information, please 

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